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Asbestos Containing Material Testing Requirements At All Alpine Group Facilities

Sep 22, 2017

At Alpine Group we put the safety of our employees and customers first. In order to maintain these standards we require that the following procedures be followed

Asbestos: a strong, fire-resistant mineral fiber. Asbestos was a popular additive to building materials from the 1950’s to the 1990’s. If a building was built before 1990, it’s likely that some materials in the building will contain asbestos.

Asbestos-Containing Materials: “Asbestos-containing materials” (ACM) means any material or product that contains more than .5 percent asbestos as per WorkSafeBC.

Asbestos Containing Materials are hazards and prohibited from disposal at any of our facilities. All Drywall loads older than 1990 must be accompanied with asbestos clearance paper work from a certified asbestos laboratory. This is a mandatory requirement with no exceptions.

Prohibited materials that contain asbestos include, and are not limited to:

Construction Material such as stucco, drywall taping compound, ducts insulation, vermiculite, felts and mastics, brick, mortar, asbestos cement, vinyl flooring, ceiling tiles, thermal spray, cement panels, plaster joints, stippled finishes, cement pipes, fireproofing spray must be tested and will not be accepted without laboratory clearance paperwork unless it is date stamped post-1990.

Alpine Group reserves the right to back charge all responsible customers and parties for any and all clean up costs incurred for the removal of ACM illegally disposed at any of our facilities.

Customers that don’t follow these procedures will be banned from our facilities.

Labs that can can conduct asbestos analysis to confirm presence or absence:

Sky Environmental       Phone: 250-474-5145 E-mail: info@skyenvironmental.ca


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