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Alpine Residential Waste Collection

Residential Waste Collection

We have been providing waste collection services to homes in the Western Communities, (including Sooke and the Highlands) for over 30 years. We offer friendly, flexible service on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis and if your pick-up day happens to fall on a holiday that’s no problem as we do pick up on all holidays except Christmas Day!

Benefits of choosing Alpine Group for your Residential Waste Collection: 

  • We will never charge a service fee for making adjustments to your account
  • We bill quarterly in January, April, July and October
  • We have 32 Gal, 64 Gal and 96 Gal garbage cans available for rental or purchase. 
  • We offer a lifetime warranty with our garbage cans if you rent them from us
  • We offer a 10% discount on payments made a year in advance
  • We pick up every holiday except for Christmas Day
  • We offer flexible weekly, bi-weekly or monthly pick-up
  • We let you choose how many cans your family will need and price accordingly

Frequently asked Questions:

  • Need an audit of your account for tax purposes?Our friendly staff are able to provide you with a list of all your transactions for the year.
  • Automated Payments? Set up “Alpine” as a payee through your financial institution, or leave your credit card on file and we are able to process your card automatically on a quarterly basis
  • Forgot to put your refuse out on your week? Simply call our office and we are more than happy to schedule a pick up on your “off” week and provide you with a complimentary collection schedule calendar to help keep you on track
  • Not sure which level or service your family may need? Contact our friendly staff today to see what level of service is the most cost-efficient for your family.
  • My pick up day is on Christmas? We take the time to call all of our customers who fall on this day and provide you with an alternative pick-up day
  • Curbside Blue Bins/Bags not picked up? It’s actually not us who picks up your blue bins but you can contact the CRD at 250-360-3030 for any inquiries.
  •  What time should I have my refuse at the curb side? Waste containers must be curbside by 7am to ensure collection
  • What size container should I be using? Maximum 1 can container size is 120 Litre (32 gallons) with a maximum weight of 55 lbs.
  • I have extra garbage this week? Please advise the head office of any extra refuse, charges will appear on your next statement.

Recommendations for Odour Control in Garbage and Kitchen Scraps Bins

  • Where possible store your garbage tote in a shed, garage or other enclosed structure
  • Double bag smelly garbage
  • Freeze kitchen scraps until disposal
  • Add ¼ cup baking soda and ¼ cup of borax to the garbage or kitchen scraps tote to absorb odours. You can also add a handful of moth balls or use an organic odour-absorbing product that is usually available at your local hardware store.
  • You can take your kitchen scraps to our transfer station at 1045 Dunford Ave in Langford

Kitchen Scraps Program


The Alpine Group also offers curbside collection of kitchen scraps for Residential Waste Collection customers. Contact us and we will set you up with a 12 gallon curb-side toter and a 2 gallon container for underneath your sink. We also have compostable bags and bin deodorizer available for purchase at our 1045 Dunford Ave location for your convenience.

Our kitchen scraps service is paired directly with our garbage collection so your pick up frequency and day will be the same as your garbage collection. We have split compartments in our trucks to ensure we are as efficient and environmentally friendly as possible.


Yard and Garden Waste Collection

Once you have a residential waste collection account set up with us you can add Yard and Garden Waste Collection to your account as well for an additional fee. We have a variety of collection options which include toter rental with curbside pick-up, toter rental with “yard-service”, and finally we can pick up compostable bags at your curbside on your designated Monday. Please call in to add this service to your account today!

Don’t have a residential account with us but looking to get rid of your garden refuse? Not a problem, anyone can drop off their bags or truck loads of garden refuse to our facility at 1045 Dunford Ave in Langford.

What day will my pick up be?

We pick up yard and garden waste on Mondays and ask that you have your can at the curbside before 7 am. Please see below for which Saturday your pick-up corresponds with:

  • Monday- First Monday of every month
  • Tuesday- Second Monday of every month
  • Wednesday- Third Monday of every month
  • Thursday- Fourth Monday of every month
  • Friday- Fourth Monday of every month
  • Sooke Area Customers- First Monday of every month

Please note that we pick up on the fourth Monday of every month, not necessarily the last as some months do have 5 weeks.

Contact Alpine Residential Waste Collection

1045 Dunford Avenue
Victoria BC
V9B 2S4

Phone: 1-250-474-5145